Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A work in progress

So my house is a complete train wreck with working on this kitchen. It will be mostly clean by saturday of course, because I need the spare room. That is where my kitchen "stuff" is mostly stored right now. So the bottom of my cabinets are all in, and by the end of this week I will have all the countertops on. We just decided to go ahead with the Douglas Fir again for the countertops, as I really love them. Good news is that I can re-use most of the old countertops. We will use the same sink, thanks to Jades mom for that, I absolutely love that sink, but I would like a different faucet, which will have to wait. Most of the "finishing" will have to wait until way later, just never enough money. But thats okay. I have decided that instead of a wrought iron hanging pot rack that we will make one out of wood, always an adventure here! I have posted 2 of these pictures before, but the last one is the one that matters. I do love the color of these cabinets, and I think I am going to love the new layout of my kitchen. Tomorrow we will start on the exciting! It is such an amazing thing that my husband is so talented in so many arenas, what would I ever do without him?!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

So I went and bought 3 base cabinets today, and thought that we would be able to get them in, but NO! The tile we once had on our countertops was horribly done and took only months for it to start coming apart. So it was replaced with nice homemade wood ones. There was however, a 6X6" tile back splash that we opted to leave up, as it wasn't hurting anything. But now, as the time is here to be putting our new cabinets in, the old back splash needs to go. Unlike their counterparts, the countertop, these tiles were in place and VERY secure! So as a result we now have to patch up the wall with new drywall. Can't anything ever do just as planned? I had opted out of doing the walls the way I wanted them, but now with all this extra work, I am thinking of just doing it. So to the cabinet shop tomorrow for the rest of the cabinets for the base, and then to Wal-Mart for paint, and the hardware store for sheet rock, tape, and mud! Now the problem becomes what color exactly do I want on my walls....this will keep me up all night thinking. I need to keep in my head that it is just paint, and if I don't like it, I can always paint over it! So the pictures are right after I decided how I wanted my kitchen laid out, then the other ones are of work in progress. The picture of the cabinets are the ones I am going to buy to put up top.

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Kitchen Cabinets

So I went to Rexburg today, and stopped at the cabinet place just to have a look. They are so inexpensive, the only draw back is that we have to assemble them. The picture I posted is the one off their web site and they are the color I want. They have everything I want, mostly and it's not going to cost me a fortune, and I don't have to finish them as they are already finished. I don't even have to re-use my old ones, and I get a hood vent cover! So if any of you in blog land are interested in cabinets just go to CRAIGSLIST EAST IDAHO and type in cabinets and there in Rexburg you can e-mail and get a price list on everything they have. Whawhoo! I am so very excited! I think we're going to put them up in stages, so I'll take before and after pictures and post the progress. I have to texture and paint and stuff too. WHAWHOOOOO! FINALLY!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I've been to my moms house in Utah, thats why I haven't posted lately. I love to be down there, it would have been better if Jade could have came with me though. I love my family, and being around them!
I am a great aunt twice in the last week and a half, both girls. What a cutie lil whats her name is.
I went to D.I. today, and found a shelf, that I will paint. A plate rack, which was a score, as I was gonna stop in Lehi and buy one(glad I didn't), a little leather bag (I will use for rendevouz, if I ever go back), and a banner thing to hang from my mail box. I spent 4 dollars on the lot, what a good day. We also went to BLASTOFF for our nephew Mikeys birthday party. He is 4 today, and what a little boy he is. It was fun!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


So there we were driving through Driggs, and people are stopping and slowing down, just like in Yellowstone Park.  So as we were slowing down for the other traffic, I noticed why everyone was acting all strange.  There was 7 head of deer just hanging out in the front of someones yard.  Not a big deal to us, as we see deer all the time, but I took a picture anyway.  They are beautiful.
So I had rugs in my bathroom and by my backdoor.  The one I had around my toilet was old, almost 7 years, probably the same for the other ones.  Mine have since been thrown away, because apparently when they get old, they deteriorate, and leave this sandy sort of residue.  What a icky mess to clean up.  So if you have these type of rugs, and they are on the less expensive side, keep an eye on them.  
My header pic was taken in January sometime.
 See you all sunday afternoon.  

Monday, April 6, 2009

My good deed

So, my good deed of the day, was finding roosters for Misty.  She has decided she is "doing" chickens.  The whole family built a coop on sunday for the 30 odd chickens they have, and will have in the house until she deems it warm enough for them outside(ICKY).  I had been seeing adds on the craigslist for roosters, but not any lately.  Well Misty had called early this morning wanting to chat about her chickens, so while I was "listening" to her, I checked it out again.  Low and behold there was an add for FREE roosters in Idaho Falls.  Anyways, long story short, Jody was just leaving I.F. and went to get the roosters.  The people didn't bother to catch them, so there Jody was in the coop trying to catch himself a rooster.  He did end up with 3 of them, I'm sure the first 3 he could catch, and will go back tomorrow for some more.  The woman getting rid of them said she was sooooooooooo tired of hearing the Cock-a-doodle-do, it was relentless.  As it turns out, she has way more roosters than she thought, and that's why they can have more than 3.  My finders fee, Misty says, will be eggs or chicken, or both!  How awesome is that?  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pepe to the rescue

We decided to go out on the sand dunes today, and while watching the 4 wheelers and dirt bikes racing up "Crapos Hill" Jade saw flames.  OOOH, something was on fire!  So we meandered (cuz thats what we do in Pepe) over, and this dirt bike was on fire, the guy was throwing sand on it to put it out.  So we loaded the bike, and the guy, into the back of pepe, and drove them back to the parking lot.  
After that we drove out the Sand Creek Road, right now that's as close to the desert as we can get until the first of May.  We let Bernice out to play in the snow, all she wanted to do was roll around.  It was a fun afternoon all in all.  

Friday, April 3, 2009

More Snow

This morning I awoke to 5" of new snow, and it is still snowing!  Jade is all excited, really excellent snow for sledding, and he doesn't have to work.  The snow tell sites in Island Park say that the max. snow up there has been 51", and right now even after the melt it is at 49" and it's still snowing up there as well.  Jade will be going up to Island Park with me, I'm sure.  Maybe we'll haul both sleds up and go sledding on sunday.
 I have decided that I'm going to build an arbor for my front yard.  I will put it at the start of my sidewalk.  Jade isn't sure about all that, as I will dig up the grass on either side of the walkway for flower beds.  This whole idea gives me angst, as I will be digging up perfectly good grass.  I'd like to find some type of climbing, flowering perennial to plant on either side of the arbor.  I think that will be the hardest part of the job.  
I bought a little chair, to match my little rocker at the D.I. yesterday.  I now need to paint it, but that will have to wait until it gets warmer I think.  
OMG, I found the most wonderful store full of all kinds of stuff.  It has been on the craigslist forever, and I have wanted to go and visit.  Its called Hidden Treasures, and it's in Shelly.  Usually Jade takes our camera everywhere we go, but not on this trip.  They have like 30,000 square feet of mostly furniture, mostly new "PRIM".  Very expensive I thought, but a ton of great ideas.  They have some older vintage furniture, and some really old stuff, still pretty expensive. It was sooooo much fun to walk around at my leisure and just look(and want).   If ya'll ever come up again, I'll take you to visit.  Bring a camera though. FUN!
By the way Kim, I believe every home should have a red wall.  I LOVE mine, and I was just bored and had a pint of paint, and started painting.  It's my favorite wall! LOL!  I enjoyed all the honest scrap.
Have a great weekend ya'll!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A big surprise

Okay so yesterday was tuesday, and if your an avid movie person you know that most of the new releases come out on DVD on tuesdays.  So I get on my laptop and reserved at the REDBOX (I love the redbox), Marley and Me, and Death Race.  Death Race has Jason Stathem in it, we're big fans.  But the surprise was in Marley and Me.  We don't go to theaters, and had just seen trailers for it.  I thought this was a great movie.  By the end of it, I was just crying, uncontrollably.  The Jade was teary eyed as well, and didn't lie about it.  We are dog people, and because we had a Marley once, she was a different package, but Abby fit the bill.  If you haven't seen it, go out and redbox it today.  WARNING:  it will make you cry, and even might make your DH's cry as well.