Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Okay, so now I have to think of ten things to put here, that none of you know, cuz how boring would it be if I put ten things that everyone knows.  
  1. I truly and deeply want to go and live in UtahPowerAndLightCOmpany, right next to my sister, her kids, and our mother.  Okay, so maybe everyone already knew that one.
  2. I want to be buried next to my Grandma Olive....do ya think I could swing that?
  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to dance, and I am very good, if not a little out-dated, and can pick up ALMOST any move showed to me. My husband however, cannot dance to save his life, and wouldn't care if he ever had to dance one step ever again.
  4. I like to drive fast.  Vampire fast, like the Cullens if I could get away with it.
  5. I HATE to clean.  Okay so maybe ya'll already knew that!  
  6. I love to eat, good food anyways!
  7. I once had a nervous breakdown over buying curtains for our new house.....they were kinda expensive and are gonna hang in my house for a long time. There I was, in Fred Meyers, sitting on a futon crying.   7 years later, I still love them.  
  8. I never wanted to get married, ever!  Doesn't make any sense, as I'm on my third husband.  I was gonna goto Ricks and major in dancing, then teach dance the rest of my life.  In my "little dream", there was never a husband.
  9. I love to read/watch about "faction".  True tales, but stretched to make it more better.
  10. My life is really boring, as you can tell!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring was here

So, of course, it is never spring until it really is.  I was in Island Park this weekend, and we got 8" of new snow up there.  Jade forgot to bring the camera up, so I have no pictures from up there.  The snow dictates whether I will be working more hours.  I am home now, but am sure it won't last.  These pictures are from the front and side of our house.  It doesn't look like the snow will go away today as it is still below freezing.  We had almost no snow here, none in fact, in the front yard at all.  Jade was excited, as new snow means at least one more trip to the mountains to go snowmobiling.  

Friday, March 27, 2009

Anthony & Cyndi

Anthony and Cyndi are visiting and as you can tell from the picture, she is very pregnant(little basketball belly), how fun!  They will have the whole house to themselves, as I am working this whole weekend, and Jade is coming up with me.  Anyways for all you cousins who haven't seen Cyndi yet, and haven't seen Anthony in like forever, here they are!  Have a great weekend, and I am looking forward to coming down.  I will know more about when that is, after this weekend!  CHOW!  
Spelling of her name is correct, so please remember this in the future.  Thanx 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Now it's painted

So I am going today to find pulls and knobs for my hutch.  I haven't sanded the edges yet, as I'm not sure I want to.  Now my kitchen is stuffed clear full, but I love the hutch.  Jade just hooked the sprayer up to his air compressor, and sprayed the hutch.  It took a total of about 15 minutes to spray the whole thing including the drawers and doors.  We did it at the right time because like an hour later the W.I.N.D. was blowing sooo bad.  I brought it in yesterday morning, and in the afternoon it snowed.  Good timing all the way around.   I put stuff in it, but I have to clean and organize my kitchen before I decide what I really want in it.   

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I did not like Twilight the movie at all.  A "B" movie, in every sense.  I thought they ruined it so bad.  It was choppy with no fluidity.   I hope New Moon is better!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Treasure

Here is my new cabinet, $20 at a garage sale.  I have such visions.  Jade is in the picture so one can gauge how big it is.  So cool!  I think mom would even like it.  See, how couldn't I have bought this!  It will be "Pepe" green when we are done with it.  


So after a year or so of the "kids" all talking about the Twilight series I finally went out and bought them.  I read them in about a week.  They were pretty good, but I like vampire books.  So I stayed up until midnight last night, so I could redbox it.  You have to be quick up here to redbox.  I am very excited to go get my movie and watch it.  
As the weather has warmed, our cat Anna likes to be outside at night.  This morning when I let him in, he had left us a little present on my rug, right in front of our door.  Apparently,  he is a mouser.  I was gonna take a picture, but we all now what a dead mouse looks like.  It's neat to know that he isn't just a fat, lazy cat!  
Happy Spring everyone!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So my mother-in-law, pictured, who is a wonderfully crafty person has 20 some odd quilts to be sent to her quilting machine(in her backyard, in her barn).  She said she was trying to make her fabric stash smaller, but as of yet, it isn't!  Her telling me that, and reading some blogs this morning made me really think about "a woman's work is never done"! 
 I have cooking, cleaning, laundry, organizing etc......EVERYDAY!  It never seems to be smaller, and I don't have any kids.
So to all the women I have in my life, I love you, and am grateful for your friendship, love and support!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nothing New

It seems the days just are running together for me.  Pretty soon it will be summer, and I will be spending my "life" in Island Park again.  I was going to buy a new to me stove last night, but they had sold it before I could actually talk to someone on the phone.  I had my hopes up.  Oh well.  Jade started the bike yesterday, and now he is all excited about getting out to ride it around.  Between the snowmobiles, the bike, and pepe, there is always excitement around here.  hehehe
I think I have gotten him interested in jet skis.  You can get some that are 15 years old for fairly cheap, with the trailer.  It's a good thing that Jade is mechanically inclined, he can make almost anything run, and look good.  Well that's all I have.  Hope you have a great day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wahoo, pool is over!

Yesterday was our pool tournament.  It's always pot luck, and I was tired of bringing the same old deviled eggs, so I made sandwiches instead.  They are called Mama Mia Muffuleta.  I didn't get a chance to taste it, as I was busy, and by the time I got around to eating, it was all gone.  This is always the end result for a season of hard work.  Misty and I took 1st place again, but this marks the 3rd year in a row, which hasn't ever been done.  Another first is that there were 33 teams this year, the most ever.  We started at 9am and played until 1:45am.  Long and grueling, but we made it!  
On a more fun note, Jade and Jody went snowmobiling yesterday to Sheep Falls, they had a wife free afternoon, and enjoyed it very much.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My nephews family

Just thought I put these up for those of you who haven't seen any pictures.  He named her Jade Laurel, because no one in our family was named Jade.  His mother then reminded him, that in fact we do have a Jade in our family.  LOL!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10th, 2009

What a find!  I love this bowl, not sure why though.  It cost me only a buck, and come to find out, it is out of a very collectible pattern.  It's Hall's China Kitchenware Autumn Leaf. I'm not going to sell it of course, I don't think it's in the very best condition, but am going to put stuff in it.  I'm taking it up to Island Park with me, as someday I'll have a stoop to decorate.  

Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9th, 2009

Nothing new to post today, but I am going to the DI later, hopefully I'll find some treasures.  I am however, including some pictures.  The third one is of my car, after the snow we got last friday the 6th.  The first is of the snow/wind storm we had sunday.  The picture isn't bad, or distorted, thats how bad the wind was blowing the snow around outside.  Look at the tops of the trees in the background, blowing hard!  The second is a picture of the lobby in The Anglers Lodge, where I work.  Have a good day all!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 8th, 2009

Today is such a bad day up here, the wind is blowing, and it is cold.  I think we are going to drive down the mountain though, Jade wants to.
Yesterday Jade and I went on a little jaunt on the sleds.  The weather was not indicative to a ride, but I talked my boss into letting me off work, so we could ride.  We went to this out of the way place called The Meadow Creek Lodge.  I say out of the way, as in the summer it has almost no business, but in the winter, the place is packed.  They are only open 5 days a week for only 8 hours, and only serve burgers, which are sub par by any standards, and very good homemade fries.  However, they are just off of the Two Top Loop trail which is the main trail to and from West Yellowstone, and the only place in between that serves food.  LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!  I believe that now, more than ever.  I'll have pictures of the joint whenever we get back down the hill.  I have no cable for my camera so I have to dock it to get the pictures off.  The place was quite "homey" and reminded me of the lodge on the river, though I'm not sure why as it looked nothing like it.  After that we rode across Henrys Lake Flats, and it was snowing and blowing and visibility was not good.  Then we got back into the woods and went to The Pines and ate dinner.  We had Black and Blue Ribeyes, and loaded mashed potatoes.  YUMMY!  By the time we got out of there, the snow had let up a bit, and it was dark.  How fun it was for me to ride a sled in the dark.  You can see really, really good at night.  Who knew?  I wish ya'll would come up and visit, it really is a neat place to live , and work, but best of all to play.  I almost get what the draw has been for my husband his whole life, almost.  Chow for now.

March 7th 2009

Well it's the end of the winter season up here in Island Park, Idaho.  We just received a little more than a foot of snow friday early morning, and it is currently snowing, just barely though.  I have had a love hate relationship with snow, and the cold weather, but it is vital to the tourism industry up here.  No snow, no job!  Here are some pictures of a snowmobiling trip we took to West Yellowstone, Montana on wednesday.  They are of Big Springs in Idaho.  The wheel house is where the spring comes out from the mountain, and the temp. of it is always 52 degrees.  So cool!  The pictures are of mallard ducks, a muskrat, rainbow trout and the wheelhouse.