Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Swap

Yesterday as I was running out the door late for my nail appointment, and my swap package came. OOOOO! who cares about a nail appointment, this was my first swap and I was very excited. Miss Judy from was my partner. Look at all my treasures

I have wanted a sheep like this for a very long time. How cool that she sent me one

This sign will go in my house I think on a big shelf above my chairs.

I will make these little stars into magnets to put on my fridge.

This little doll, which I love, will go outside on my porch, in my little rocking chair. Also you can see a little metal wheel barrow, he'll go a shelf out on my porch.

I love the detail of the embroidery on the skirt of this "Gardening Angel"

This other metal angel I will put on my porch steps I think by my mailbox, but the metal bucket shelf thing I will put in my house. Oh I love it. I also got a little bag filled with some smell good, and some seeds I will for sure plant in my front yard.
This has been a very good experience for me, and maybe I'll do it again. Thank you Miss Judy very, very much. I do appreciate all these things.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Drag Racing

I have a friend who has had his '69 Nova for YEARS! Anyways, for sometime this car has become his hobby, as he now drag races it. So to say, I'm not a monster truck, tractor pull person, but I loved going to the drag races yesterday. It was a beautiful day here in St. Anthony, finally! The cars were loud, their tires smoking, putting off that stinking burnt rubber smell, but the most exciting thing was that most of the cars were REALLY FAST! The track is only 100 foot, and I guess there are different classes for the different souped up motors, or the stock motors. This snowmobile is in the same class as Garys Nova....I was like really? The little gal that races it is 17 years old....and Garys niece. So, I was like, I could race jades sled....the Vector, just leave it stock, it is a 1000cc after all. So maybe, just maybe, in september I might be racing the Vector in St. Anthony at these drag races. How cool is that?

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well, it seems we might have a moderately warm day here, without much wind (knocking on wood as we speak), and so I'm off with the dogs to check on the asparagus in my county. I fear the weather has been so bad lately, that I've missed my chances to pick in Rigby. I don't like to pick in the gale force wind I've decided. If it's not up here, I will drive to Rigby and check it out.
So Jades sister Tiera gave me some pepper plants and tomato plants she had started. I waited to repot them until it was a nice-ish day, then the next 2 days were cold, freezing at night, and just miserable. So today they are outside enjoying the sun that I think might not last into mid-afternoon. The tomatoes are on the cookie sheet and there is 4 plants in each peat pot. They peppers, not sure what kind they are even, have 2-3 plants in each little thing. Thats a lot, hopefully I can keep at least a few of them alive. So here they are, and look, a ladybug....that means summer is almost here! Right?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Political BS!

I love these bowls, and their colors.

We had a vote yesterday on whether to raise our property taxes 10%, because the school budget is losing $1.8 million dollars. Now I voted against the raise increase, simply because (1) I don't have kids, so why should I care what happens in the schools, (2) because I don't want to pay higher property taxes. But also I was on the fence a little, because our teachers don't make enough money, the schools up here I think are under the standard, and my father was a teacher. Anyways the levy passed, but barely. So higher property taxes we have. The problem is, that 55% of Fremont county voters voted this to pass, but won't give up a little pocket change so we can have beautiful flowers planted all over our city. We have a seasonal woman who lost her job last year, because the city couldn't afford the flowers and her wage. So they set up a donations account at a bank in town, which people could go donate to, but weren't, so they held a fundraiser to make up the rest. I'm not sure how that turned out. I know this woman personally as well. I don't understand, how it's okay for people to want to pay more taxes, but when it comes to actually helping someone stay employed and making our city more beautiful, their charity just doesn't seem to exist. What kind of crazy world do we live in when people would rather pay taxes then help someone in need? SIGH! The worst part of this whole thing is, that the increased taxes won't cover all the costs, so cuts will still be made and the schools/teachers/students will still suffer. I feel like it's all for not. And what about the lottery? A percentage of proceeds from lottery ticket sales are supposed to goto the schools, thats why we all voted way back when to have the lottery in Idaho. Evidently, not enough of the sales are going towards our schools. Why didn't they levy the lottery? You know they have a TON of money! OH WELL! Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da oh, la la la la life goes on!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Mercy asked me what my treasures were, and they are to each their own after all. I have decided, since my mother will give me back the milk glass set I gave her, that I will start collecting pieces in that pattern. So, although these pieces are different colors of milk glass, they are still in the same pattern, and they cost .50 each. I like the different serving pieces, I guess they're called. So that is what I'm collecting. They have a big set of this milk glass pattern in the cabinet, but they want $50 for it. Oh my heck! I'll see if anyone buys it, then if they don't it'll be put on the shelf for cheaper, then maybe I can afford to buy them.

I also bought some hardback books in the collection I've been reading, so that was a plus.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I wonder how times I've been right in the middle of cooking dinner, and the power goes out! 2 times, this year. Oh my heck! So I had to take my TV to the doctor and couldn't pass up a trip to the D.I. in the BIG city of Idaho Falls. 3 hours later Jade is off work wondering how long I'm going to be. So I pay for my treasures, and think I'm going to rush home. But then I have to pass Rigby, and I know their asparagus is up, so I stop to pick some, yes in gale force winds. I call Jade sometime after I left Idaho Falls and before I left Rigby and ask him to put the meat loaf together please, and pop it in the oven. He complains but does. I come into the house in a whirl of bags and dogs excited to see me, 45 minutes after the meat loaf has been in the oven and instantly start peeling potatoes for mashed potatoes. Then CRASH, BOOM, BAM.....seriously, the power goes out. I have Jade go get my little camp chef, finish cooking the potatoes, make the gravy, and boil a veg. One burner, I'm not really a one burner cook. But it gets done, we pull the meat loaf out of the oven, and it's done perfectly. What a yummy dinner we had, but this whole power going out thing, is getting really old. This year alone it has gone out 5 times, and been out for at least 3 hours. When will I ever be able to move?! Anyways one of my friends that live just around the corner had power and told me I could come over and use her kitchen. I told her I had everything taken care of, just doing a little hillbilly cookin was all....Got to have a sense of humor to live here I tell ya!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Every time I goto the D.I. I will inevitably go down the aisle that has all the baskets. Now, I'm not sure when this obsession started, but I look through all the baskets, put my most favs in my cart and continue shopping. I LOVE BASKETS! Now, I never buy any of the baskets I chose, they always end up back on the shelf, but I WANT them. I have no idea what I would do with them, I just WANT them.