Friday, March 26, 2010

Anyone who is anyone has a deviled egg plate!

Oh, so I know that sometimes I am a freak, well today proved that. I was just browsing through craigslist and came upon a guy selling some stuff. When I clicked open the picture, there it was, my coveted green deviled egg plate. Oh my heck. I haggled a little and bought it for $10. For me, for a deviled egg plate, that is a whole bunch of moolah! Plus I had to drive down to Idaho Falls to get it. It comes with it's original box. How cool is that. I love it so, and it is bigger than my other deviled egg plates. The next one I will buy will be an olive green deviled egg/relish platter. They are very vintage, and I LOVE them. See the pic below.

These are both made by the Indiana Glass Co.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hidden Lakes

Durango "getting" the piece of ice.

Pepe sitting right in the middle of Crapos Hill on the big dunes.

For those of us who have lived in this area our whole lives we know this place as hidden lakes. It is now a BLM "park". It has rv hook-ups with electricity, or not, tent camp sites etc. It is a very nice little camp ground, that is now called Egin Lakes. It sits at the bottom of Crapos Hill on the big dunes. We cannot get all the way across the dunes, to the sand hills resort, as there is too much snow on the north facing slopes, about 2 more weeks maybe. We took the dogs out there yesterday and let them run.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I had a friend die this sunday. Now, I don't believe in much, but this much I know: that our friends and family that pass on, will be welcomed back into our Heavenly Fathers awaiting arms. Those of us left behind grieve for them. They are, I believe, in a better place.
Sharon Hill was rough and hard on the outside, but had a heart of gold. She was stubborn and obnoxious, but would indeed help a friend out. I suppose, if I live to be her age, I will be the same way. I always thought that I would grow into her. LOL! Her husband Don said "What people don't understand is that I didn't just lose my wife, BUT my best friend"! How lucky they were to have found each other, and to have been married for as long as they were, over 50 years. They bickered bad, called each other names, but loved each other deeply. She will be missed very much by many, including myself.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So, for the 4th year in a row, Misty and I have ruled the pool tournament. Yes we won, and it really shouldn't have been as easy as it was. But we played from the winners side all day, and finally won around 11:30pm. We started at 10am. It is a very long day, cuz when one plays from the winners bracket we actually only play 6 sets. The losers play all day, numerous times.
I have come to believe that it takes great mental fortitude, an unusual amount of patience and stamina, talent, and a huge desire to win, to actually take 1st place in this league, and from both partners, not just one. I also believe that most of the other competitors have the desire, and talent, but nothing else. Saturday is our banquet, thats when we get our money, and FINALLY it will all be over for the year! Right now, i have decided not to play again, except for as a sub, but of course that all can change. WAHOO!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Last night was the beginning of our partners pool tournament. Misty and I picked the lucky number 1, and got to play first. Wahoo! It is the first team to win 3 games, and we did. So saturday, we start in the winners bracket, which is always good. Saturday will prove to be a long day after all, as we didn't play enough games to eliminate any partners, but hopefully the day won't run into 1am like it has in the past.
So I went to the link that waina gave me, but I am confused as to whom I am reading about. The pictures that hang on my wall are Abraham Hunsaker, Robert Sweeten Hunsaker, and Francis Hunsaker. I thought these were father, son, and grandson, is that not right? And is the Robert Sweeten Hunsaker the one the link was about? Help me! I don't know where I came from, on my fathers side anyways. LOL!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


My sister in all her kindness (i googled lurp to see if it was really a word) told me that I am in fact irish and scottish. Who knew? She assumed I knew, but I haven't ever read or done research on my dads side, although there is a book or something that I could read, or have a copy of, isn't there? I wore my wig out last night and EVERYONE, and I mean everyone wanted to touch it. I think they must have thought it was my real hair. LOL! It was a fun night.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day from Irish Annie!

I'm not really irish by the way, I just loved how that sounded. I always wished I was irish though.
I bought this wig a few years back, and had never worn it, but I broke it out today. I LOVE wigs.
Happy St. Pattys day folks.
We are going out on the 4 wheelers just to see how far out we can go. The snow has been slowly disappearing, and Jade is getting that summertime itch. I will keep my wig on for this journey, it will help keep my head warm, as it's only 37 degrees out yet.
Tomorrow evening starts our pool tournament, hopefully we play well. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I fear, now that I have my end of the kitchen done, it will be another year before I will actually get my floors and back splashes in. The weather is turning warmer, and that means DH will go back to work, and all projects will be put on the back burner until he is laid off again. Also, once the kitchen was completely done, I was going to start on the bathroom. I have this TOTALLY awesome dry sink that I got from my sister, I can't believe she gave it to me, that I was going to use as my vanity. Although truthfully when I first got it home I was having a very hard time even thinking about cutting a hole in it to place a real sink in. I think that I am mostly over that now. It isn't antique or anything, maybe just vintage. It needs a little work on it, but I am up for that. I would like to take my bathroom from lighthouses to rustic cabin? HAHA! We'll see how that works out.

Here is the dry sink waiting to be beautified....
Then looky here, this dry sink looks exactly like the one my sister gave me

Then just a picture of what I'd like one wall in my bathroom, and maybe my living room to look like. a real cabin look with the chinking, logs, and everystuff

We have talked a little about making a "master suite" in our house. This of course would entail knocking out walls and getting rid of one of the bedrooms, ah, but how wonderful to have a master suite!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pool (Billiards)

The ladies pool season has mostly wound down. This year we have played for 6 months, the longest ever. This week is a "breathing" week before we start our couples tournament. Thursday the 18th of March is the first day of the play offs, then the winners progress to saturday to finish. In the 7 years I have been playing pool on leagues we've never played tournaments in 2 days, we've always played ALL day! Let me tell you, starting at 8am and playing until 1am is a trying day, both mentally and physically. Misty, who is my partner, and I have finished 1st, 6 out of the 7 years we've been partners, and this year it'll be 4 years in a row, if we win. HOWEVER, this year, for some reason, there has been a bounty of new players join the league, and they are mostly really good. So this year, there will be more competition, than in previous years. Every couple is gunning for us this year, more so then in previous years, so it is bound to be a good time. Misty thrives on the challenge, and is the best shot in the womans league. LUCKY FOR ME! Now, with all this being said, this isn't just about a trophy and bragging rights, there is a payoff. Last year it was around $200 bucks a piece, plus there is a payoff for team of the year which my team has won for the last 8 years this year included, and that is $60 bucks a piece. So all together last year my payoff was $260 bucks. It really isn't a lot of money, but considering I get that just for winning pool games, I think it's awesome. Anyways, this year I want to win, because I'm not going to play full time next year.....tooooooo much drama! I will sub though. I am going up to Ashton this week, which is where we start the tournament, to practice with my hubby who is an amazing shot. I will be asking questions of him, and hopefully learning a ton, while in the process learning the table. RACK EM!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

they have the cutest jewelry. I want so many pieces they offer. I am going to I.F. today, and will look to see if I can find something similar for a lot cheaper, but LOVE the square names with heart necklace, and the dainty initial hearts necklace, they all have a little pearl or birthstone on them.. LOVE THESE!!!!! Maybe I'll ask for one for my birthday.

Monday, March 1, 2010

It seems I have been working so much lately, but last year I worked twice the hours in two weeks as I worked these last two weeks. Yesterday I didn't have to work and so Jade and I went out snowmobiling. It's been beautiful here, high 40's and sunny. That of course affects the snow.....makes it heavy, sticky, and very hard for me to "learn" how to carve. So my body this moring is hurting all over. I had taken my coat liner out, and helmet off, because I was working so hard. So this picture is for those of you who have seen that picture of me when I was 5? of me trying to open a bag of Doritos, all by myself. I don't remember the picture being taken, but have been told that I wanted to do it all by myself. The concentration on my face, and it being all serious etc. Well if you look closely at my face in this picture, I'm sure you'll find that same face! Even though it doesn't look as if carving is a big deal, and to some people it isn't. But, there is a fine line between having that snowmobile up on one ski, and you being thrown off into the snow because you lost your balance. Now while being thrown off into the snow really isn't a big deal, it kind of hurts the ego, and the trek back to the sled is sometimes arduous. For those of you who have seen Jade carve, or anyone else that good, the sled is completely on it's side, with the one ski clean up in the air. I haven't done that yet, and if I have it's been an accident and was surely bucked off the sled just after. LOL!

I did, however, get the sled stuck, and Jade came to dig me out. This was before we even got up the mountain to play. The snow never really looks as deep as it really is...I was stuck in about 3 feet. Leave it to me. I also tipped it over once but that isn't a big deal.

Anyways back up the mountain today and will probably stay for a few as I think, I think, I have to work til wednesday. I cant wait til spring!