Friday, February 26, 2010

I went and had my nails done, it's just another addiction I have, right?
So I have to work all this weekend. Ick! The pay check will be nice though.LOL! Anyways I sent out some friend requests to some of you from Jades facebook. I don't facebook, I blog! Anyways I guess you can search for him to see his facebook thing. I have a new favorite thing. Hollandaise sauce! It's so good on lots of stuff. Yummy! If you haven't tried it, you don't have to make it, cuz it's a little hard to make it from scratch, believe me...time and effort. You can buy a packet. It's fairly close to the real thing. Put it on your fish, chicken, pork, even on your beef (which I haven't tried), but have served it in the restaurant.
Irvin gets his test results back today, and we'll see what they are going to do for treatment for him. Hopefully it's small, and localized and will be easy to get rid of. Thats why I am working so much now. Then probably the whole month of april while he is gone visiting his family. I pray for his well being. So until next week sometime....Kim have a blast on your cruise! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I finally have a couple days off from work, and have to go get a full set of nails later, am in desperate need. Yes folks getting your nails done, can be an addiction. But I was looking through all my followers and have a few I didn't know, and looked at their blogs. I got both these pics off of "Prim it Up" blog. I LOVED this fabric envelope, I thought what a great idea. The other pic is a candle mat that Hayley made. I have NO sewing gene, at all, and do think all the ladies out there who do are absolutely wonderful. All the things that can be created, WOW! Go visit her blog.

I don't know how to add links that can be clicked on to take you to sites...........sorry!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I found the canisters I want! But I could never, never, never buy them, as they cost hundreds of dollars. But look how cool they are.

Anyways I am off to work. We had plans to go visit my friends cabin in Kilgore this whole weekend, but I don't work very often, so I decided to be responsible. Jade isn't much of a Valentines Day guy anyways, so I knew there wouldn't be any surprises that will be missed. LOL!
Happy Valentines Day to ya'll, and I hope your DH's are more romantic than mine!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To keep or not to keep...

So, apparently I have the ugliest canisters ever. Really, through all my kitchen remodel, I didn't really seriously think about replacing them. Jade and I received these for a wedding present, and I have loved them ever since. They are Tupperware and will last a lifetime I think. They don't make this particular canister set anymore either. But my sister was to my house, and called my mom to tell her how good? my kitchen was looking, and then told her I had these ugly canisters. So mom starting asking what I would buy to replace them, and what color, and so on and so on. I know they don't "fit" my old world, semi-prim theme, but either do my cabinets for that matter. So, to all my blog followers: Do I keep the canisters I have, or do I replace them with something else? I won't throw the old ones out, I'll keep them, of course. But do I "need" to replace my UGLY old tupperware canisters with new/old looking ones? I did have a fleeting thought once, I guess, about replacing them, but then thought.....what would I get to replace them? So show me ideas! Thanks for your time......

Monday, February 8, 2010

Just a pic of my thrift store finds. I found a couple more crocks, these have their labels on them, and they were indeed cheese crocks. These are actually smaller than the one I bought, how fun for me. I also found some grubby candles, they had a ton of these, as with the crocks, but didn't feel like I could spend anymore money, as I bought a pair of boots also. Then the pineapple bowls. I am keeping 1 of these, but the other 3 are going to my sister. I love productive t.s. finds.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

So, I HATE, yes I said HATE being on call for work. Officially I'm not really on call, but not being able to plan anything just in case, is the same thing, right? So, my nature is not to plan anything, just in case they call and need me to work. But I am struggling with that because tomorrow is the superbowl, and there are parties to goto...lots of them, and pot luck food to be eaten! Jade says, since no one has officially asked me to be on call, not to worry about and just make plans, then "if" they call, to tell them that I'm busy, so sorry! Thats okay, right?
But on a happier note, Jade has finally got the perfect pet! Durango loves to ride on the 4 wheeler. So now Jade can take him along while he plows snow. Jade calls him the plow dog.

This is now my favorite wall in the kitchen. It has to do with the rounded corner edges. I am planning to make all my sharp corner edges round. Such a small detail I know, but to me it makes a huge difference. So now all we need to do to finish the kitchen, is the backsplashes and the floor...and finish putting the outlet covers on. I can't believe it's almost finished!

Just a note to all my TS shoppers out there....I am having an infatuation with these little crocks. They are not primitive, or even vintage, I think, but I've seen them in a few different colors, almost always the same size though, about 4" I think, as the space between my cupboards and ceilings is only 6 inches. I love them. I paid a dollar for this one at the D.I., and if you come across any in your browsings, I would appreciate it if you would buy them. I am looking for all colors, but in good condition with no chips or cracks. Originally, I think they held cheese? Candles? From the 80's? I will pay you back, of course.

So my superbowl food is going to include spinach dip with my homemade french bread, little smokies, nacho cheese dip, BBQ ribs, hot wings, and potato skins. What else? Any good ideas?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So yesterday I received the last of my W2's, and e-filed our taxes. I had started the night before, and so it was just a matter of entering my info. The very best part of the whole thing, is that we are getting both federal and state refunds, and all the e-filing and preparing was FREE. Yawhooo! They've both been accepted and we will be getting our refunds direct deposited within 2 weeks. Glad all that nonsense is over with.
I painted the trim in the kitchen, and will be painting the ceiling, and doing touch-ups today. Then I can put my kitchen back together. Once Jade decides to put the floor in though, my kitchen will be a wreck again. So, I wanted to do oil rubbed bronze outlet covers. I found all I needed on the e-bay for under $40, with shipping. Smokin' deal. Then I had this idea......ya every once in a while I'm brilliant......I had bronze spray paint left over from making my pot rack, and so I spray painted my old covers. Ha, didn't cost me another dime, and they look just like the real thing.
I got called into work yesterday, last minute of course. That's okay, I was mostly finished with painting the trim. Anyways, this is a picture of a sunset from right beside the lodge a week or so ago. Isn't it beautiful?

Oh, Ya, I order some baking dishes from QVC. I had been watching Rachel Ray, cuz she had some good guests, and LOVED her dishes. I thought they were plastic, but no, they're stoneware. Anyways I went to her website to look for them, and they were spendy. As I was browsing through the comments I noticed one that said these pots were cheaper on QVC. Ha ha, I got all these piecs for almost the same price she wanted for the covered one. I really wanted the red, but it was back ordered, so I went with the yellow, and am really glad I did. I haven't used these yet, but once my kitchen is back together, I plan on it. Also because of how "pretty" they are I plan on showing them throughout my kitchen.