Sunday, June 27, 2010


Just some pictures of the BBQ. It was fun and I think everyone had a blast. Mostly family, as Jade is the youngest of 8, but we had some friends there as well. Played horseshoes, even in the dark as Jade had hung lights pointing at the pits.

This is a picture of Camus Creek. I've never been to this particular spot, just to like East Camus or whatever it is in Kilgore, so it was a new adventure. We did that yesterday with the dogs. I returned home with red shoulders.

We will be off to Jackpot, Nevada later today, to see Trace Adkins in concert. It is sure to be a good time. Hopefully I can get some pictures, not sure if they allow that sort of thing or not.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Socks -n- Stuff

We are having, what turned into, this huge bbq at or house tonight. Just burgers and hot dogs, not the gourmet bbq I had last summer. I spent all day cooking for that one. This one started out very small, and grew and grew and grew. We'll see how many people actually show up. Friends and family all invited. With the fire pit, AND the horseshoe pit, it is sure to be a blast, and hopefully I can post pictures tomorrow.
On to why I really wanted to post about. Since Jade mostly no longer reads my blog, I feel almost certain he won't see this. So one of my biggest complaints about Jade is the way he leaves his socks just laying around where ever. He sits in the recliner after work, takes his socks off, makes sure they are not inside out, and lays them on the arm of the chair....on the floor by the chair....on the hearth....on his boots by the chair....and also on the arm of the couch if thats where he sat down. Now the socks will stay there until he sees fit to put them in the hamper, or until I put them in the hamper. UGH, I hate this. Today however, as I was folding a little laundry, I noticed, that ALL MY socks were inside out. I HATE turning socks the right side, bothers me so much, as I match and fold all the socks when I do laundry, not just throw them into a basket for Jade to figure out later. So I myself am my own culprit. Now, if I can just get him to get those day worn, nasty socks out of my living and into the hamper when they came off, I'll be a happy camper. Also I have pledged to turn my socks the right side when I take them off. LOL!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trace Adkins

So, Jade came home from work today, with the biggest awesome news....He won Trace Adkins tickets. Now I watched him on the Celebrity Apprentice 2 years ago, and really liked him. Thought he was a stand up guy, so this is very exciting to get to go. However, I called Gus (the new kitchen manager/chef) to see if I could switch my days, and he said "nope, no can do sorry, I can't schedule around your social life" Now, this is totally understandable, but I quit nonetheless. Instantly, I felt this great sense of relief. WOW! Who knew. He hasn't been the best boss, or kitchen manager I've ever been around, but even after a month I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. I even offered to do all I could, so he could have the evening of the 4th of July goto a concert no less, even after all his talk about splitting up the shifts so he does as little as he has to do, and makes one of us "peons" clean up after him, and do ALL his prep. Plus, I don't think he wanted to work around my schedule, as I never had a set schedule, with 2 or 3 days off in a row. Oh well. Dave, the owner, and really technically my boss, will be mad at the whole sit. and will call whenever he finds out, chew me out I'm sure. Thats what I'm dreading. Last time I quit I gave 2 weeks, thats the nice thing, but if I do that, I'll miss this concert, and who doesn't enjoy a free concert, by someone they like?
So I am looking once again, for a job. No big deal really just as long as I can find one before thanksgiving we'll be fine.

Monday, June 21, 2010


So I thought, after i had almost completely slept the bright sunny sunday away, that Jade might really like to golf. So off to the course we went. I should've, however, done a cursory on how he was dressed, because as I started taking pics of him, I realized he had worn those ugly, way too big white socks. Ghastly! Oh well though, he still had fun, as you can see by his posing for this picture.

He didn't golf his best yesterday either, I think it was because I was taking pictures of him....This shot off the tee was a worm burner for sure..

Here is my pose for the day. I hate to golf (for real), but really like the idea of it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

D.I. Find

So these totally awesome light pink suede moccasins are my new treasure from D.I. They did cost me $5, but I liked them so very much I had to have them.

Monday, June 7, 2010

As promised here are the finished projects.

AFTER also with a chicken cutting board I just put dark walnut stain on

Here is my bleeding heart

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Catching up

I figured since I was done doing the pile of laundry Jade helped me with, that I would catch up on a few things that I wanted done. I found these little bowls at the D.I. a while back, and quickly sanded them. They have been out in the garage ever since awaiting some paint. There is 3 of them, so I'll paint them red, yellow, and green. The spot for them, I think, will be on my big shelf above the chairs. Also this is my toaster cover that I made one night, that Jade fixed as best he could, but still isn't right, but will have to do. I have put a coat of green on it, and one of the small bowls

Also I had some asparagus that was in need of pickling, and so I did that also. Asparagus, I've found, is very resilient. Who knew

This was the cutest little planter ever. I found it at Wal-mart and had to buy it, not even on sale. I will plant some flowers in it sometime, but for now, it sits on my counter, in my way at every turn.

Tomorrow I head back up the mountain for 5 days, I think. I also get to be by myself tomorrow night, as all the rooms that are booked are with a big group, and they aren't eating at the lodge. So hopefully I won't get slammed, as I have only cooked 4 things on this new menu.
I know summer is on it's way, because 1 of the 2 bleeding hearts I planted last summer has come up nice and strong. I'm so very excited about that, as I was still thinking that I'd never be able to plant anything cool in my front plots. These plants are between birdhouses and I wanted a shrubby something or other to grow up and conceal most of the pole. So, the year before last I planted a bleeding heart, and Jade kept tearing it apart with the hose. It never came back last year. So I put new top soil down and planted 2 more, but alas, only the 1 came up, so far anyways. I think Jade tried killing the new one closest to the sidewalk with the hose again. In theory 1 bleeding heart should be enough to cover the spot, as they do get big over the years, but 2 would've been AWESOME! Oh well, I'm extremely happy to have the one that came back!