Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Witchy Me!

So, for like the second time in 8 years I was home to hand out halloween candy. Jade did most of it, he is awesome with all those trick or treaters, but I summoned up my inner witchy self, donned the customary costume, and answered the calling! LOL! It was fun, but what happened to knocking on the door, and when someone answers it, yelling, TRICK OR TREAT! We answered our doors to kids just holding out their bags. Jade said, "what do you say"? and some of the kids said "thank you" or "please". I was like really? Seriously? Do parents not brief their children on trick or treating etiquette? Jade said it's been this way since he started handing out candy. HUM........Anyways, here I am all dressed up. No scary make up though, didn't wanna get that into it.