Thursday, October 21, 2010

Facebook has killed the blogger in me...LOL! It's the spooky time of year, trees are changing colors, and fall if officially here. Halloween is just around the corner, and I LOVE to dress up. This year I'm gonna be a witch, DH said, "well thats not a stretch" LOL, thats why I love him. I need to goto Rexburg and get the finishing touches for my costume. We are also doing all the haunted haunts...last week we went to the straw maze, and they made it very difficult, we were in it for an hour and a half! LOL! We went to the Haunted mill last night, scary fun, and monday we will be doing the Haunted's all outside wooded area, and it's bound to scare me to death! I LOVE IT!
I was in Idaho Falls yesterday doing some much needed grocery shopping, and it was in the high 60's, WOW, it was a beautiful day. I stopped by my friend Mistys house, and her goat was out of the corral, again, so I found where he was getting out, and told Misty to sure it up. This spring Misty lost her mama goat and it's twins, and her little Flower lost it's baby as well. I was a sad story actually....the goats are in the corral with the chickens, and no one was home when the goats went into labor, and the chickens converged upon the goats, and well, if ya know anything about chickens......sad story! Flower had twins this fall and only the female lived, her name is Daisy Mae, and is doing very well. They are so cute when they are little.
Last year Misty got a calf, to butcher (his name is Brisket) I'm not sure when she's gonna do it, but that calf has turned into a big steer, and thinks he's a tiny boy still. He still frolics, prances, and rears up to play.....all, of course, while your back is turned. There is this noise that Misty and I, both of my sisters and maybe my mom makes...."AAAAAT", it means NO, or stop it, ha ha ha...we all make that noise it to our dogs, kids, and Misty does it to that steer, and he stops doing whatever, it's the funniest thing I've ever seen. It was a good visit, and still amazes me how this city girl from Phoenix is now a chicken, goat, and cow farmer. She is also very clever, as she pays for almost none of her feed for any of her animals......just a little hard labor! HUM!
Happy Fall everyone!