Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Hunting

Yesterday I went up into the mountains in search of huckleberries. I don't want to miss out this year, and wanted to be sure I wasn't picking service berries again. LOL! I took Pepe, and went up to Bishop Mountain Outlook, in Island Park, and found a ton of them, but they aren't ripe yet. So I took some pictures. The gate was locked to actually climb up the outlook, so I took a few pictures from the ground looking out over Last Chance. I'm sure the lodge is in the picture, but am not sure which building it is. The outlook is right close by to where that guy got mauled by the bear, so Jade impressed upon me very much to take a gun and to make sure it was loaded. I did, and must have looked a sight, wearing shorts, a long sleeved pink shirt, my pink croc boots, my TK old ratty cowboy hat, and a 9mm in a holster strap. LOL! Better safe than sorry...I also took my most faithful and trusty dog Bernice with me, but she just wanted to sit right in the middle of the huckleberries and be "close" to me. Maybe there was strange and unusual smells that weirded her out? Maybe it's just cuz her parents are brother and sister? Who knows, anyways it was a fun day. I stopped by the lodge to say hi to everyone, and got asked to work the weekend, so I said okay. I will have a garage sale sometime this summer, it is imperative that I do, as I need that spare room cleaned out so I can re-do it. Oh well, there'll be other weekends.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pioneer Day Parade

Here in our sleepy little town of St. Anthony, on the 24th (25th) of July, we have the biggest Pioneer Day Parade in Idaho. People flock from all over to to sit and enjoy the 1 1/2 hour parade. We are ever so lucky of course, because our home sits on the parade route. It's a family event, and what a joy it is. These are just a few pictures that I took, hope you like, and maybe someday ya'll can visit and enjoy this event with us. They end this day with a spectacular fireworks show at dark. The theme for this years parade was 100 years, I think.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Jade and I have never actually camped in this spot before, as we couldn't get our camper in there, but it is one of my favorite spots to go. It has everything I think a camp spot should have: water, shade, fire pit, and privacy. These pictures were taken on a lazy sunday afternoon. We were driving to look at our floating spots and decided we'd try the new bbq place and get it to go, and picnic. It was a wonderful time. I guess we could camp there now, if I was inclined, as we only have a tent now....but thanks to mom we also have an air mattress, which makes camping in a tent much more tolerable. I know, I know, campers aren't everything, BUT!
Today is prep day for my 24th of July party. It's raining right now, but the weather said it would be 80+ degress tomorrow, so lets hope for once they get it right, as I wasn't planning on having a whole house full of people, just a backyard. chow!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So Now that I have successfully quit my job and have rested up, all the projects I had on the back burner are coming forward. First is my pot rack that I had big plans for. I believe my kitchen will not be completed until this winter sometime, as thats when I get all my husbands attention. But I have finished the pot rack, with help from Jade, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Really I don't know how I have been able to get by without one, LOL! Also in the schedule for the next 2 days are: finishing my flower beds in front of my house...more top soil, which I've had for a week, and haven't done anything with. Rocks around those flower beds, and some purple pansies (which came with the top soil I got last year, who knew). The pansies came up in almost the right spot, but I am gonna dig them up fill in more top soil, and put them in a little wood wheel barrow. It looks soooooo cute in my head...we'll see. Then the fire pit, the horseshoe pit, and maybe see if I can find a ping pong table for cheap. The Pioneer Day Parade (saturday) always passes right in front of our house, so it has to be absolutely cute, as EVERYONE will see it.
So here is a pic of the pot rack, and the other pics are TS finds for my sister, who has acquired this thing for domes hahaha! She always has the cutest projects. I think that creative gene that runs so abundantly through her body missed me completely. She did, however, pass that gene onto her daughters, so lucky them. She has the most welcoming home ever! Anyways I hope you like your TS buys Waina! Oh yeah, the pot rack cost me about $10 bucks with the paint. Not to bad eh?!
Here is the firepit.....Mom says I have no room for all my plans for the back yard.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sun burning

I always have one sun burn, at least, a year. This years happened yesterday as we were floating the river. We were only on the river for 2 hours and Jade and I both ended up burned bad. Funny thing though, Jade put sunscreen all over his upper body, but not on his legs.......I don't have any idea what he was thinking, so his legs are way bad. I never wear sunscreen, haven't ever, so of course I am burned.....I thought a couple hours won't burn me bad, I was wrong. I made sure all the parents sunscreened their kids heads, as most parents forget that. I only took a pic of my legs....ALWAYS wear sunscreen no matter how long you'll be out, I will from now on. LOL! Make sure you click on the picture to make it bigger, so you can really get the extent of how bad my burn really is.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So, my friend Misty came to see me yesterday. We talk a lot these days of her "farm", and I'd like to share some pics of her little farm with all you farmers. I am very proud of her achievement, as she was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. Also, it goes to show ya, if you really want something, if you put your mind to it, you can do it........she was given these 4 bales of straw while at work I think. This is how a city girl hauls straw. Almost all of the stuff she used to build her coop and her fence was free. A shop by where she worked had collapsed from heavy snow, and the guy was just gonna scrap it all, just a little elbow grease. She did buy most of her chickens, and the goats, but she did trade potatoes for roosters, and some chickens, also got some roosters for free from the craigslist.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello everyone. I am almost done with work, although my two weeks were up the 2nd of July I worked through the weekend, and I am also working thursday night cooking, and friday, sunday night as a server. Then I think I will be done. My bosses wife wrote me a very nice letter, it made me cry. I have made lots of friends at the Anglers Lodge and will miss them all. Hopefully we can stay in touch.
Monday I just stayed in, and didn't answer my phone at all, it was so nice, but today just a little stop on the blog and it's off to clean my house. Men just don't care very much what they live like, or at least my man doesn't, lol! Once the house is clean, then it will be back to the kitchen. I will finish texturing, then off to find the perfect colors of paint. I will also go buy the rest of my pulls, and finish my pot rack sometime. It seems as if the summer is almost gone, although I know it just began. I will get to enjoy my porch, and the flowers I planted.
Jade and I are planning a huge 24th of July will hopefully include lots of family and some friends from I.P. If the weather is good we will watch the parade and then go floating the river, then back to our house for a bbq. I have asked Dede if Savanah can come down, as she spends a lot of time with the grown ups, and having Tieras girls to play with will be fun for her I think.
I planted beefeater tomatoes in my topsy turvy this year, how fun. I have 7 so far. I've had that thing for 3 years and haven't ever used it. Also I was gonna plant a huge garden in Derrics backyard, but he still hasn't closed on the house, so maybe next year. I'll be just like dad, having a big garden to tend to across town. I can't hardly wait! I can plant everything I've always wanted, then bottle and freeze!
This picture is of Warm River Springs. I took it with my phone, thats why it's not the best. This is where Warm River starts. Some of you are familiar with Warm River, where you goto feed the fish........Funny enough, but it's not really that warm, 50 degrees year round. We will visit this same spot on snowmobiles next year.
I hope everyone is doing well, I love and miss you all!